Curative stay

Schedule: Sunday – Friday

  • Sunday  – arrival from afternoon till late evening
  • Friday  - Departure  early afternoon


  • Accommodation – private villa ANIEL , Pavlova Ves 120, Liptovský Mikuláš
  • Treating and exercise   – Evita, massage and exercise, Námestie osloboditeľov 18, Liptovský Mikuláš

Age category: without age restriction

Price, payment : 5 days of Regeneration stay = 250 €

  • You will pay a deposit of 100 € on  bank account No.: 1074749342/0200 (VÚB bank)
  • The rest of payment will  be requested after arrival in cash.


Regeneration stay for  one person include:

  • Entry health examination 1x
  • Output health examination 1x
  • Group exercise of SM method– system ( ) 2x a day approx. 1 hour long treatment
  • Manual therapy –massage technique for  muscles relaxation
  • Warm medical swimming-pool– In spa center Lúčky 1x
  • Exercise on special rope 1x, guidebook and CD with exercises description,
  • 5x accommodation (5 nights) in double and triple bedrooms (shower, WC, ), fully fitted kitchen
  • 5x all inclusive ( breakfast + lunch + dinner + non-alco drinks during exercises)
  • Transportation from villa to Exercise health center and Spa center

You should not  forget to bring:

  • For exercise: T-shirt (rather tight, not too wide, your back muscles should be visible under the T-shirt, comfortable exercise trousers – jogging suit, thick socks (You will do exercise with bare feet on carpet)
  • For swimming-pool: swimsuit, towel

For stay in villa: personal luggage, toiletries and slippers

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